Telling Our Own Story Of Africa : Petition (please read to the last, Thank you so much for your time.)
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Hello every one. My name is Eugene Anagbonu. I am an immigrant living in Japan for over 20years. I am originally from the republic of Ghana.
I have so much love for Japan and Ghana I wanted to start this petition. In 2015 a billion dollar company in Japan called DMM.COM launched their new division called DMM.Africa, In this initiative the company announced that they are investing 100 million USD by 2020. This great initiative is built around investing in the entrepreneurs and the company is not just throwing money but they are focusing on infield activity working with those businesses and entrepreneurs. They are now in 44 African countries and rapidly growing providing benefit to our African community. How ever these activity of DMM.Africa can only be seen media article and their facebook page. In the weeks of old school media around the world focusing on the negative news in our continent. I believe this is initiative of DMM.Africa is a great opportunity to distribute the growing and the positive truth of Africa in such a larger scale. My aim is to gather over 100,0000 people for this petition and to deliver this to the company itself communicating that we want to see every inch of their wonderful initiative and most of all we want to share those activities with the world. So that the world can see clearly of the truth of our Nation. As Ghanaian immigrant in Japan i have noticed that one of the reason people don't know about Africa is that of a business related reason. Those like many consultants that support Japanese business entry to Africa are the ones that are in a position to tell the positive stories of Africa often seem to hold on to those information without disclosing and reason be because that is the only asset they have. In the age of 2017 where you can search any information on google making information a commodity i believe it is time for Africa as a nation to follow the transparency of the global market. The fruit of transparency are seen all over the world bringing longterm business profit, freedom of speech, and many more connection amongst people thus many more opportunities around the world. I truly believe that this petition is the waking up call and much needed disruption towards the controlled narrative of our African nation. If you believe in telling the positive story of Africa to the world or if any of these words resonate with you in any type of way please join the group as a expression of joining the petition. We will be looking to launching a facebook group in the future as to communicate the result with every one who believes in this initiative. Thank you so much for your time, Thank you so much for your attention and i truly am looking forward to connecting with every one in the group. Best - Eugene Kwaku Mawkpenimore Anagonu

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